Trysexuals #24: The Breakfast Club of Swinging Throws a Clam Jam

In this episode Max and Lilly invite their first ever swinging partners onto the show to discuss how they got started down their path of sexual exploration and sex positivity. We also jam some clams, make some turkey sloppy, and learn that it really does take 5 to orgy!


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Hash House Harriers

Swinging Segments

NYstate law on being topless

Mira from Pure Romance Kalypso Collection,1120,253.aspx

Kelpie from XenoCat Artifacts

Volita from Fun Factory

The Tremor: Rock and Roll Sex Toy

Trysexuals Play Time Episode


Key parties

KinkCast Pony Play Episode Featuring Max

Define This

Clam Jam from DarkNes

Bonus Round
Sloppy Turkey from Alicia and Paul

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