Trysexuals #10: To The Swingularity and Beyond – The “Everybody is Naked” Edition

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Trysexuals #10: To The Swingularity and Beyond - The "Everybody is Naked" Edition

The Trysexuals Grill Cooper S. Beckett on his new book “Approaching the Swingularity” and talk about using butt plugs as a replacement for engagement rings!

The Tremor


Tiny Squid Plug – Love Crafters

Ergo Plug – OxBalls

Hedonic Glass Plug

Crystal Delights

Cortez – Twin Tail Creations

Carnal Chameleon Reviews Cortez

Podcast: Life on the Swingset

Cooper S. Beckett Books:
Life Less Monogamous

Approaching the Swingularity

My Life on the Swingset

Apple Pie in a Bag?

Midwest Furfest

Desire Resort:

Swingset Takes Desire

Jane Goodall


Saffrons Wedding Dance

Go For Launch

njoy 11

Fuz Tango

Cooper S. Beckett

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