BLFC Afterglow: Please Don’t Set Your Dick on Fire Edition

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Podcasts Only
BLFC Afterglow: Please Don't Set Your Dick on Fire Edition

Max and Lilly crash Biggest Little Fur Con, talk about fursuit sex, self defense using cum, and why you should never set your dick on fire!


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What’s Playing

Mary Anthro Mare from Bad Dragon

Hush by Lovense

Lilly(Toy Whore):
Domi by Lovense

Prince by XenoCat Artifacts

Fur Mitts from Stray Toys

Biggest Little Fur Con

Qdots Episode

Game Vibration Router

Domi 3d printed adapter

Chronos Toys


Episode on Exxotica

Thunder in the Mountains

Frack (Tounge Exchange pic on Twitter)

Mid West Fur Fest

Ms. Moo Moo

Bad Dragon

Stray Toys

Xeno Cat Artifiacts


Nomad Complex

Define This

Phoenix riot shield as suggested by -DarkNES

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Trysexuals Jingle by Mr. Kitt
Show Me (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward –
Little Lily Swing by Tri Tachyon –
Other Sounds by ZapSplat –
Rising Heart by Sro Alive –