Trysexuals Holiday Quickie: Inter-portal Masturbation

Trysexuals Holiday Quickie: Inter-portal Masturbation

The Trysexuals discuss Polyamory in Christmas Movies, Dildos you can mold to your desires, and inter-dimensional masturbation through the use of portals!

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Link to “Horses Hoof” and other things made with the DoDil

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Khadar by Fetish Zone

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Love Actually:


RiffTraxx Mystery Science Theater 3000:

It’s a talking CAAAAAT!?:

Sex at Dawn:

More Than Two, An Ethical Guide to Polyamory:

Kitts Ovipositor Mishap:

Marie Kondo – Organize your life:

Lone Wolf and Primal Hardwere:


Rick and Morty – Dog Portal Scene:

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